Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Blog: The Eve Of History

Not much to report today as it was mostly balls and receptions. I'd intended to attend a few different events, but settled instead for just the one I went to initially. I suppose a good portion of this had to do with my issues with the weather. For those up north, it's not such a big deal, but for my little Houston self, seeing snow like we had in Maryland was a mental buzz-kill. I tried to put it out of mind as much as possible, but it was only partially successful.

Nevertheless, I did make it out to one soiree held at Greenberg Traurig's headquarters. A friend of mine from Houston who's both an attorney there, and also very active in Democratic circles sent an invitation to the Obama delegation from Texas. It was a very tony event with many of DC's movers and shakers, as well as folks from around the country. Being a firm that does professional corporate lobbying, I felt somewhat at home (even though my background is more social and volunteer).

A couple of ladies I'd met from DC's connected class - Margy and Karen - remarked that this particular party was well-known and written up in Honolulu's Star-Bulletin as one of the 'go-to' events during Inauguration time. I could believe it: the food was sumptuous, the band was good and of course the open bars were stocked with top shelf fare. Even in this notable private event, I still managed to get in a little bit of Trans 101 for a couple folks who'd asked, including an Indian-American couple from San Diego who were very sweet and intrigued at discovering this.
The party was so good, I didn't go to the other three that were taking place shortly after.

Diego Sanchez, Donna Rose and I were tentatively scheduled to get together and figure out something to do tonight, but to no avail. Diego worked late, and ended up taking in a movie after work. Meanwhile when I spoke with Donna, she was stuck in Virginia at one of the Metro stops in what sounded to be an enormously long line. After hanging out until nearly 9PM, I decided instead to call it an early night (as I'd forgotten to bring cash anyway). Hopefully Donna made it in to town and found something to do.

Tomorrow will be the big day, and I need a bit of rest after last night! My only concern is if we end up with snow tomorrow as well. The area in Maryland where I'm staying still looks like a winter wonderland, complete with Christmas Tree looking shrubs covered in postcard snow. It's nice to look at remotely, when you don't have to get out in it. Being in the stuff makes it a wholly different experience.

With any luck, focusing on the moment will remove thoughts of the cold!


Monica Roberts said...

Have fun for me, Ness.

Polar said...

Hope you brought boots - we sent y'all s'more snow n' cold from Kentuckiana today.

Have a safe and special day. Mama Bear and I shall be watching on CNN.