Saturday, October 4, 2008

Did Bush Threaten Congress With Martial Law?

It was mystifying to see how the House, after voting and defeating the previous non-pork laden Economic Rescue bill (or Wall Street Welfare State bill), managed to vote through the bill on Friday. Unsurprisingly, an overeager President Bush signed the bill into law less than two hours later (record time!)

I just could not fathom how this occurred until I saw this, from Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) in his speech on the House Floor urging prudence and issuing warning about this bailout:

Indeed, I'd noticed something a couple weeks back and issued a blog on it coinciding with the October 1 deployment of the Army for potential "crowd control" and other sundry reasons here in America

based upon an article culled from the online September edition of Army Times.

Considering the Army brigade noted in the article had been training during the month of September in preparation for this October 1 deployment, it begs some questions:

How long before this recent "crisis" on Wall Street did the White House know of the impending Wall Street crash of major institutions?

How were they able to keep this off the radar screen and keep these failing institutions together until they could put the plans in place (both military and the bailout plan)?

Did the Bush Administration use this domestic deployment as a method to ramrod this draining of the Taxpayers' collective fund for Wall Street through Congress?

This is highly unprecedented: using the threat of suspending the Constitution and going to Martial Law in order to hijack Congress or the will of the people. This borders on a coup d'etat by our own head of state.

I fear we've just witnessed a sublime, yet watershed metamorphosis of American democracy as we've known it.

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