Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Kick A Tranny's Teeth In!": What Conservative Talk Radio Has Come To

"Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win
Kicked in the teeth again
Ain't this misery ever gonna end?" — Kicked In The Teeth, AC/DC

This is going to be a tough blog to write. Violence isn't my bag, but I now know what the mindset is to commit a hate crime because I'm experiencing it now. After reading the below and actually hearing the commentary by a radio personality by the name of Trevor Carey with KFKA (also broadcast as KNUS) in Greeley, CO, I too now have the urge to take up arms. Against him!

Yes I realize this is the wrong thing to think. I've been screaming alone in my house until I'm hoarse. Unfortunately I don't have a heavy punching bag like at Ethan's and punching holes in the wall is expensive, so I gave that up decades ago.

But this instigative piece of crap on the radio pushed the wrong button.
Typically I will do everything to reason and reach an agreement of the minds, even in volatile situations. For twelve years I've been lobbying for hate crimes protections and trying to educate others on what this does and its impact on the victims, their families and their respective communities -- even signing on as one of the first national locales for Day Of Remembrance when it went national, and even finding the first international leaders to lead this outside of the country. It's part of my nature to be as patient as possible and persistent as I can.

But after reading the comment by Carey, practically exhorting others to kick in the teeth of transgenders, and stating so openly about a murdered trans person who had that very thing occur ... I cannot tell you how close to home this hit for me. Especially painful was the repeated encouragement of transsexuals getting "their teeth kicked in." I wasted a third of the day in a tearful, fitful rage. Even now, I'm enraged.

"I get mad. Drinks get spilled.
At five past two I don't feel sad ...
But then I see you ... and I see red!" — I See Red, X

What I've felt today isn't right and I shouldn't think it. Yet I'm also resident of one of the most obstinate, proudly hateful states in the union. It's an environment that embraces good old boy culture of criminal apathy. We're the state of James Byrd, drug to his death and literally decapitated and mutilated at the end of a chain on the back of a pickup. This is a state with no hate crime protection for transgenders, just as most states in the country. I'm fully aware of the relentlessly thick skulls that will never listen nor give in, and their intransigent minds.

And it's pretty obvious this Trevor Carey and the station KFKA/KNUS that promotes this are self-centric, hopeless ideologues in search of every echo chamber they can find. Their line-up underscores this mindset: Fred Thompson, Neal Boortz, Linda Ingraham, Dr. Laura (Schlesinger) and Michael Savage. Just take a gander at the station's conglomerated website: www.710knus.townhall.com

Below is a transcript of the whole interview from the March 14 show thanks to Media Matters-Colorado, where Trevor Carey brought on a caller to discuss the decision of the court to disallow Angie Zapata's murderer's confession. It must be noted that Carey's references to Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) are reported to be misrepresentation. At least it's one silver lining: there's an obvious suit for GLAAD to sue for slander and defamation!

The transcript.

CAREY: Topic B for me tonight is transgenders. Now, you might have heard of the story that happened in Greeley where there was a man who was a transgender who was a man living as a woman; Angie Zapata was his name. Now, I got in a little bit of trouble; the Associated Press states that transgendered are to be referred to as "shes." The Weld County District Attorney's office in this case is referring to this victim as a she.

She faked a guy into, there was some sexual relations. It didn't go all the way, but there was some sexual relations that happened. And when this man found it out that it was another man, he beat the victim. The victim woke up from the beating gurgling blood, whatever, out the mouth. He took a fire extinguisher and finished the victim off. Then stole the victim's car, got caught, I think it was in Denver. Anyhow, he's in jail now. So the big issue is, do we call this individual a he or she?

So in a quote in the Greeley Tribune, I stated that I had said "he," "she," and "victim" all in the same breath almost once; I didn't know what to say. I talked to our news director, and he said, "I'm calling the victim 'the Greeley transgender.' " Of course, I stated in the article that that man didn't deserve to die, but we can't -- the fact that the man was living as a woman is the whole point of the story. It had so much to do with the murder -- the rage.

So then I get a call from GLAAD in Los Angeles from this guy saying, calling in referencing to the referencing of transgenders with the gay and lesbian, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. And we got into a conversation; I found out, I asked him, "Are you homosexual?" he said, "Yes, I am." I said, "Do you wanna, you know, have you ever had the desire to have your manhood removed?" He said, "No." And I said, "Well, I'm glad to hear you're normal," and, you know, "you don't want to have that removed." I go, "If you were down in Trinidad strapped to a stretcher and they were coming at you with a saw to remove it, would you be screaming bloody murder?" He said, "Of course I would." I said, "because see, that's abnormal."

What you want to do in the privacy of your own life in your own bedroom, go ahead and do it. That's between you and God, whatever. But -- I'm not here to say my sin's worse than your sin, whatever you want to balance it out here. But at least you're normal in the state that you want to keep what God gave you. I think I said "junk in the trunk," and he got offended, but that's what I was saying, you know, you want to keep that.

I said, "Why is it that you guys don't see this as a mental illness? Why do you associate yourself with the transgenders?" 'Cause I got him to say it was abnormal. I said, "So if it's not normal, why wouldn't you want to help these people; there's obviously something going wrong in their head.

So I've invited him on the show; let's hope he comes on the show, 'cause I think that could be some lively discussion. I said to him -- [caller], I'm about to come to you in Littleton here -- but I said to him, "What if I just wanted one day to say, 'Hey, I'm black. My name is Dimitri; I'm black, I want a NAACP scholarship.' " Well, you're not black. Yes I am, because in my mind and in my heart I'm black. This is what he told me the transgender felt -- in his or her mind or heart, they felt like they were a woman, so they should be called a woman.


CAREY: And what the transgender segment of our society needs to be telling their type is, you don't commit fraud because --

CALLER: No, that's exactly what it was.

CAREY: A), you're at least gonna get your teeth kicked in, and B) -- [caller laughs] -- here's a story from Greeley that turned out very tragic, and you should pay attention to this, because --

CALLER: You know, when I was growin' up in Greeley, I grew up in Greeley, that kind of stuff didn't ever, you know, surface in this town. And it's just sad, you know; my heart just weeps for all, everybody that's concerned. But, you know, we gotta go back to basics. You're a man or you're a woman, and, like you said, if you're fraudin' somebody, then you deserve to have your teeth kicked in. Not necessarily hung or you're killed, but it just -- they shoulda known better, you know?

CAREY: Well, you do know, now, that Governor Ritter paid back the homosexual platform by passing the transgender law now, where a transgender can go into the restroom and use the restroom right next to your daughter?

CALLER: Yes, sir; I read about that, you know. And I was in Black Hawk and Central City, and they have them type of bathrooms up there. It's like: "What the hell am I doin'? Maybe I oughta go out and piss on somebody's car." [Carey laughs] You know? I don't know where I'm safe anymore. Maybe I oughta just be taken to jail for indecent exposure and pay the consequences there rather than --

CAREY: Well, in this economy, [caller], that's three square meals a day; you could get yourself a college degree, if you don't have one already. You could work out. I mean, that's -- what's a health club membership? Seventy bucks a month? You got cable. You got cable. You got, you know, you got some friendship, you know, you develop some --

CALLER: Ah -- no, I want my freedom more, you know? I want to smoke a cigarette when I want, and drink a beer and live my lifestyle the way that, you know, and be a man about things, and man up to it. But you, it all comes down to what you said about fraud.

CAREY: That's right, [caller]; we gotta roll though, buddy. Thanks for listenin' to the show; I appreciate it. [Caller] right there on The Trevor Carey Show, back in a minute.
If you're of a mind to flood the radio station with phone calls to let the station know this type of hate incitement will not be tolerated, GLAAD has provided the following contacts:

Trevor Carey
Host, KNUS, "Trevor Carey" and KFKA, "AM Colorado with Trevor, Troy and George"
Phone: (720) 434-2714

Justin Sasso
General Manager, KFKA
Phone: (970) 356-1310

Kelly Michaels
Operations Director, Salem Communications (KNUS)
Phone: (303) 750-5687

While there have been a number of trans issues GLAAD has dropped the ball on or outright bungled, this one they got right.

Do I think flooding their stations with phone calls will work? No. Maybe writing to their advertisers or flooding them with phone calls, encouraging them to drop their advertising there would be more effective.

Ambrosia Day Spa & Salon - 970-330-6811
Westlake Wine & Spirits - 970-330-VINO
Ben's Furniture - 970-352-0146
Nu-Way Cleaners - www.thecleaners.net

Ultimately, the cynic I am says none of this will really register with these guys. You can turn the other cheek from now until doomsday -- these numbskulls won't get it and you'll just end up with really sore cheeks. There's something I learned from my football coach back in my teens. As Coach Fisher used to say, "If you want get someone to change their pattern, there's one way to do it. Pain! If they get away with something, they're going to continue doing it until you make them do otherwise."

It's a very Texas approach to things, but not completely untrue. There are some people who will never understand why people are so emotional about hate violence ... until they understand us first hand.

"I find it incredibly tedious, hate that it murders itself with its own conservative pomposity." — actress, Fiona Shaw

"Life is one big road with lots of signs.
So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind.
Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy.
Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality." — Wake Up And Live, Bob Marley


Unknown said...

So the caller wants his freedom, to live his life the way he wants to, his lifestyle--those are his words. But if you are transgender, and want a different lifestyle...you are gonna get your teeth kicked in and that's not only okay, but to be expected? Why is it that so many people can't see past the end of their own nose?

Unknown said...

So the caller wants his freedom, to live his life the way he wants to, his lifestyle--those are his words. But if you are transgender, and want a different lifestyle...you are gonna get your teeth kicked in and that's not only okay, but to be expected? Why is it that so many people can't see past the end of their own nose?

Anonymous said...

I will offer to take this guy, or any of the other transbashers in the "right wing media radio" thing, on.

By phone, in person, whatever.

standing offer. You see, until last year, I was "officially" a republican. I know the wy these f-wits think, the methods they use, and I've taken on far worse than them.

Does stuff like this upset me? Yep.

But when it comes down to it, I know that I could go on and face savage or o'reilly or whatever and whoever down and I can take them down, using their own words, their own thoughts, their own ideals and their own ignorance and use it all against them in a manner that all of them are afraid of.

And that's straight up -- when I get going, I do not stop, I do not ask for quarter, and while I *can* lose, generally speaking I'm better than they are at the same game and will indeed mop the floor with them.

I've made the offer before. I'm not president or chief architect of any big deal -- yeah, I'm involved in some non profit work but its all very much stuff that even these arrogant f-wits can't do much about.

I'm just one lowly tranny, and yet despite offers in writing and via phone, they never really want to go toe to toe with me.

Prick me and I bleed. And I usually return the favor with an open gash.

When I was young, I was picked on, bullied, blah blah whatever, and I learned early on that I'm incapable of just lying down and letting it end.

These pricks -- they have everything to lose, and when you hurt one the way I do it, they never get up again.

Polar said...

When I speak to a local T person in my state, one of the first things I advise them to do is to develop, along with a convincing gender presentation and comfort presenting it in public, self-defense skills of some sort. I know a number of T people who carry sidearms, and many others who have studied the martial arts, carry knives, mace, etc.

It's because of people like this Carey asshole, as well as his mentor Michael "Savage" Weiner (I refuse to call him by his radio name), that I suggest that. The caliber of scumbag that listens to this sort of aural fecal matter is liable to act on it, trying to make their particular radio windbag proud.

It's not free speech, no more than screaming FIRE at a NCAA tournament game would be.