Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Desperate Republicans Pushing The Race Riot Road To Victory

My friend Deb had warned me this campaign season was gonna get ugly over a month ago. It’s become pathetic how ugly America has gotten. Republicans are desperate now and more openly angling for that race riot catalyst to scare over the rest of the white voters.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6Ca8reYEfQ [Exposé of product at their sales booth at the Values Voters Convention this year]
http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/politics/2008/09/16/holt.obama.waffles.wkrn [Initial CNN news story on the controversial satirical product]

In a land where we create enemies around the world, declare war and send troops – including many minority troops – overseas to fight and die for their country, how bad does it look when they come back home to find blatant racism in the form of satirically created waffle mix that goes out of its way to tell minorities “you’re not good Americans like us, you’re merely here to be the butt of our cartoonish jokes.”

That’s exactly what a couple of admitted Republicans created: a waffle mix with a cartoon picture of Obama, the first black party nominee in American history, in place of where Aunt Jemima would be. It’s an intended throwback to the imagery of Jemima, the southern indentured, servant-class “black mammy” visage that haunted and indignified the entire African-American community in this nation until the civil rights bill was signed into law, and even well beyond.

[CNN's Lou Dobbs buys a box of Obama Waffle Mix and the creator grabs a quick souvenir photo during the Values Voters Convention]

Worse yet on one version of the waffle box, as one ‘person on the street’ in CNN’s story about this laughed and commented, “oh, he’s got a towel on his head!” Next to that caricature is a red arrow and instructions: “Point box toward Mecca for tastier waffles!” Yes, Obama the good Christian Sunni Muslim. Urban legend, again….

Furthermore, on the back, there’s even a recipe for Open Border Fiesta Waffles with a visual of Obama as a caricatured Mexican, replete with sombrero and a serape over one shoulder! Oh, and the recipe is precious too, beginning with a description: “The greatest danger of all is to allow walls to divide us. It’s time we opened our borders and our wallets to all who desire a taste of freedom. So put out the welcome mat and enjoy this multicultural celebration!”

The ingredients call for Obama waffle mix, oil, goat’s milk and jalapeño peppers, drizzled with chili con queso [sic], and suggests, “while waiting for these zesty treats to invade your home, why not learn a foreign language?” The recommended serving is “4 or more illegal aliens.”

Believe it – I can’t make this kind of stuff up!

These two GOP-folk, Bob DeMoss and Martin Whitlock of Franklin, TN felt a compelling need to speak their mind with their caricaturish concoction. They were open about discussing their brainchild, already spinning off sideline products like Obama Waffle Mix aprons, and were happy to have the free news publicity from CNN that their controversial products created. I predict they’ve hit upon a jackpot that will sell well to collectors, and especially so to rich, white Republican speaking events and fundraisers.

Actually, I’m amazed they didn’t just take that last step and call it Obamamima waffles. In fact, why not go all the way and to the bright red or white “Al Jolson” styled lips a-la minstrel show? Yeah, I know, the visuals were long-ago wrested from cartoons and deemed pejorative, but so was blatant racism. Now that that’s once again stylish among the hoi polloi, why not open up that trunk and bring it all back out into the open Sirs DeMoss and Whitlock? Why hold back, especially when there’s scads of good Republican money to be made?

In this day and age when so many in black America have transcended this stereotype and have attained prominent places in business, society and even government in both parties (Condolleeza Rice? Clarence Thomas? Remember them Republicans?) these GOP folk, and even the RNC and McCain campaign’s coy nibblings around the edges, all deem it AOK to put these “uppity nigras” who don’t genuflect and kiss their political masters’ rings duly back in their place! Are we not yet beyond the days of “yazzuh”?!?

And the precious part about it is these brainiacs don’t stop with African-Americans!

They also manage to take down Latinos as well with their caricature (which only missed the Frito Bandito mustachio)! All that effort John McCain (in retrospect, cynically) put forth to attract latino voters to the GOP by being a sponsor of immigration reform himself has now come into the harsh light of truth – and gets tossed right in the crapper! McCain now wants nothing to do with his former legislation, and further is now the figurehead of a party that openly belittles and stereotypes all minorities, including their former “amigos” who want to erase borders, “invade” from Mexico and eat waffles with jalapeños and chile con queso! Well, Olé!

Don’t forget pointing the box toward Mecca for “tastier waffles!” Surely that will go over well with Sunni Americans. It’ll surely bring a heartwarming smile to Republicans’ friends in the Bin Laden family, too! Not Osama, but the other Bin Ladens who are longtime friends and business partners to George Bush and family. No doubt it’ll also be an attention-getter with Prince “Bandar Bush” and the entire Saud family when time comes to ask for help when the oil prices get too high for America’s economy to function. Certainly they’ll see the humor in not only humans, but foods needing to bow to Mecca so they may be at their best, insh’allah!

It’s a xenophobe’s trifecta! They take out blacks, latinos and Arabs in one fell swoop. Moreover, they simultaneously help paint the entire white race as “good ol’ boys” with german shepherds in the backyard, wooden crosses in the garage and their oh-so-closeted billyclubs and spook-white sheets hanging in the closet.

Gee GOPs, thanks for reminding me how all Americans are nothing but broadly-painted, monolithic stereotypes! What a great, monochromatic image to show the rest of the world. Yes, this is the type of democratic ideals we want to export to those starving for “American style democracy” – get ready Iraq!

Half of my blood is white European, and these idiots are making me ashamed of it! In fact, they’ve made me furious! How dare they presume they can unilaterally decide to throw all Americans back into pigeonholed stereotypes, and throw America’s social progress into reverse a few decades? How hypocritical can these repugnant bastards be when they call Obama on the race card (a bit of a stretch) and yet let stand and fester this type of outrageous commentary and feign being oblivious and innocent? Who gave these Republicans the right to own and destroy our country at their sole discretion?

It’s truly amazing the studied restraint and maturity the African-American community has shown to date. Compare this to the Republicans’ histrionical response to “lipstick on a pig” (a phrase even John McCain uttered about Hillary Clinton’s health care plan).

Better still, think of the shrill GOPer cries of foul when bloggers not even connected to the Obama campaign nor the DNC outed Sarah Palin’s unwed daughter’s pregnancy. Recall the response of Obama as this began hitting the news – agreeing with the RNC calls for hands off on Palin and calling for it to stop. Compare this to the McCain campaign and the RNC response to this half-veiled racial ridicule: silence.

It wouldn’t surprise me to know McCain’s off laughing at this small-minded comedy – after all, he gets into this mean-spirited, crude humor (admitted “bad boy” that he is).

McCain made comments that “Obama chooses his words carefully.” Well, the RNC and its supporters, and the Rovian campaign strategists are beyond careful with words. They’re masters at political marketing, at twisting phrases, manipulating meanings and using “coding” – words that speak to their base, but have little meaning outside of their nebular world.

This is distinctly coded Republican imagery, Sen. McCain, and your Republican party is making no bones about being open with it. Any attempt to flip this off as “unfortunate choice” of wording or ignorance is garbage! This is the most disingenuous “ignorance” possible. It’s nothing short of racially polarizing incitement.

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