Friday, June 13, 2008

Scenes from the Texas State Dem Convention #13

The culmination of the committee work: the vote on At-Large Delegates to National was passed by a vote of 20 - 9 at approximately 10:20PM. There was some stronger dissent this year on the "slate" of delegates by the campaigns. As it was over 20%, they issued a minority report on the floor, and challenged. Just what we were all looking forward to after an arduous convention: a floor fight on at-large delegates at 11PM on Saturday night. Sixth Street was calling us!

But the dissenters were in no mood to go quietly, even if it called for reconvening the committee and beginning this entire process all over again. Unfortunately I didn't get good video of the convention floor fight as my memory chip was full.

I didn't keep the video running for the duration of naming of delegates and at-large alternates. Actually, I wish that I had ... as it turns out (to my surprise) I was one of those At-Large Obama delegates named on the slate to the National Convention in Denver!

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